Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Photography Theme

Photography theme ideas

Every picture that a photographer takes falls under some category or theme. But at a given point of time one doesn’t just take pictures and drops it into one of the categories. It is important that one undertakes theme based photography rather than randomly clicking away at objects surrounding them. There are endless number of themes that one can pursue. If you are a novice then these photography theme ideas might come in handy.


Black and white – This is one of the most common and prevalent photo shoot theme ideas. But one should be very careful as to not overdo the theme. It is a good for portraits and other images mostly taken in daylight to give a sharper contrast between the objects in the image.


Playing with the hues – Working with colours is a work of art and precision. One has to get the combinations and tones just right. Too many contrasts hurt the eye. So there should be a perfect balance between of colours in the picture especially if they are added externally on purpose.


Food – Food photography is one of the upcoming theme ideas for photography. You can choose any kind of cuisine and just click away. The best part about it is that you can decorate it any way you want and place it at any angle with any amount of light exposure. Being immobile, this kind of photography gives you a lot of time in hand to get the picture just right.


Social issues – These are the more noble themes and spread a social message that demands to be felt and worked upon. Be it abuse, alcoholism, poverty or pollution you can select any sub theme you want in this category.


Textures – This may seem a little off beat but many people are intrigued by the different textures and patterns on objects and even take close ups of the objects to emphasize on it.


Sunrise and sunset – This is one of the most popular theme photography ideas. Every photographer has at least once in their lives taken a picture with this theme in minds. The beautiful hues that nature creates at these times are a treat to behold.


Emotions – Human emotions can be beautifully captured by the lens and each time it comes out different as it varies from one person to another. It is fantastic to see the different shades a person can possess.


Shadows – One can capture the magnificent silhouettes of people or other objects through its shadows. It does take a lot of precision and proper judgement of angles to get the picture just right.


Clouds – The best part about this theme is the uniqueness that it possess. Each time the patterns and colours of these cottony balls in the sky keep changing.


Water – This theme can be used in more than one way. Be it stagnant calm water, or ripples or rain or a reflection in water you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to this theme.


Night theme – Be it a moonlit back drop or the starry night sky this theme is bound to capture the attention of a keen eye.


Abstract – Now that’s one theme that one can’t really put a finger on and drop into a specific category. It comprises of anything and everything as long as it captures the attention of the onlookers.

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