Tuesday, May 21, 2019
GoPro Camera

4 Tips to getting Amazing shots with a GoPro Camera

Utilize a Mount

We also recommend testing out various places to mount the camera to find out which places work best for producing smooth shots, right angles (more on this below), and all of the desired action. Different mounts can offer various POVs, which may help inform the story you envisioned.

For instance, a camera mounted onto a motorcycle helmet can supply a view in the rider’s eyes, however a camera mounted onto the bicycle to confront the back can catch different riders monitoring you — two unique views from the exact same moment. From clamps to suction cups, GoPro makes a number of mounts ( why they are so popular), however there are loads of third-party accessories, also, so your choices are broad.
Find a fresh angle

A GoPro provides an extremely wide angle of view that makes it easy to catch the activity, but to create genuinely interesting videos, you should do more than simply set it and forget it. Change the angle up to provide audiences a detailed view of what’s happening, rather than simply sticking to one viewpoint.

By way of example, when recording activity, it is most common to mount a forward-facing GoPro, but occasionally looking back can create equally entertaining footage. If you are going to be replicating an action several times throughout the day, say for snowboarding or surfing, think about repositioning the camera on every run to capture a greater assortment of shots.

Wider GoPro cameras also offer a choice of field of view crop modes such as the ultra-wide view (156-170 degrees), a moderate view (127 degrees), and a narrow view (0 degrees). Getting the most of the built-in fields of view contributes greatly to enabling your videos to stand out, and it behaves sort of like a zoom function.

Here is a simple way to remember which FOV you ought to pick: If you would like to catch everything in the framework, go for ultra-wide, however this can create that curved, fisheye effect. The narrow FOV crops out a number of this frame, but it is going to look more like a “regular” image.
Use filters to improve video quality

Photographers and filmmakers alike utilize a range of filters — and we aren’t referring to the color-altering filters in Instagram — to improve the final version of any videos or photos. For filming underwater, use a red filter to help remove the blue-green colorcast.
Stabilize the camera

For static shots, nothing beats a tripod when it comes to stability. As a GoPro is very lightweight, there is no need to get a heavy duty set of sticks for it, but do consider a tripod with a fluid pan head. This will let you make smooth pans to stick to a topic or reveal a landscape. For stabilizing shots in movement, there is nothing greater than a powered gimbal. Many camera drones often feature built-in gimbals in order to maintain a steady shot when filming in turbulent air. These devices do not just come cheap, but so expect to spend at least a couple hundred dollars to get something worthwhile.

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